Where do you keep a keyboard?... In a piano, of course.

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It looks like a regular piano.
Its really now just the shell of the piano and is used as a home office/desk.
Plenty of room in back for electronics, file cabinets, etc.  Casters allow for easy access to back.  The front piece lifts up for easy aaccess to top shelf area.
Some of the pieces while I was dismantling it at the senior center. 
Starting to put it back together.  It actually went back together pretty easily.
It looks like a regular piano.

It looks like a regular piano.

A local senior center had an old player piano for me if I wanted it.  So I took it but had to dismantle it on location first.  I wasn't sure at first what I wanted to do with all the parts, but finally decided that the window on top was so cool as well as the "secret" door at the bottom.  So if I put it back together, what could I make it?  I'd seen previous posts with the piano bar and puppet theater, both ideas I thought were great.  Then it occured to me, why not a desk?

I put the piano back together as a hollow shell and added shelves in the back.  It's on casters so it rolls out easily.  Computer monitors, printers, etc. go on top shelf.  Open the window to view screen or lift to access printer.  The middle shelf has plexiglass over keys so you can still see them but transitions into shelf so keyboard, supplies are stored here. The bottom shelf can house the modem and it could be accessed from the front by turning a lever to open the "secret" compartment.  It will be interesting to see who buys it and when.  But if I end up having to keep it, I won't be heartbroken. 



Pattern or design used: My own design
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sandyrae writes: great inspiration JunkerMidge! I picked up my piano today and plan on making it into a bar. It will have to wait for warmer weather though. Posted: 11:31 am on January 26th
suewannabeinkc writes: How did I miss this back in May? I would have bought this... of course I'm too late and too far away so I guess I'll have to make my own. That's the best part anyway. We've been offered a player piano before, but turned it down. Now I have a use for one! Thanks for sharing your creative idea!!
Joanne Posted: 10:59 am on December 2nd
birdcolor writes: Wow! Posted: 3:07 pm on May 31st
shabbychick writes: Midge - your piano desk is unbelievable and so original! I love that you could keep the keys intact too...under plexiglass - how cool!

You're definitely right in tune with this project!! Love it!


Posted: 11:41 am on May 18th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Such a great idea, Midge! Nice thinking!
Candy Posted: 10:14 am on May 18th
chiccottagejunk writes: Midge, this really turned out great. I am glad that I got to see the piano last month "before" and now the after. You are really dedicated to your work and this is such a unique piece - a one-of-a-kind for sure!

Sue Posted: 7:40 am on May 18th
Christina_S writes: Such a clever, clever idea! Far more unique then a computer cabinet. Posted: 2:01 am on May 18th
upyourattic writes: Now this took some dedication ~ I see these junk pianos at all the yard sales and people are begging for someone to take them. They say they take up too much room and they need the room for an office!

The oak is also lovely ~ you did a great job ~ this would sell around here for big big money!

Thanks for sharing,
Patti Posted: 11:23 am on May 17th
piecesofthepast writes: I think this is so cool! Posted: 10:00 pm on May 16th
alicemom writes: Midge,
Wow what a job and you did it so swell! Good playing!
alicemom.etsy.com Posted: 9:21 pm on May 16th
plumberdaughter writes: This is great! I need this in my living room, my son is back from college and has taken over the coffee table with his computer. What a great way to hide the computer and all the cords. Posted: 10:53 am on May 16th
suewhitney writes: Very clever Midge! Way to use that creative brain of yours!

Take care,

Posted: 8:05 am on May 16th
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