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May 14th, 2009 in member junk     
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Nothing fancy.  Just a simple, quick fix for a rummage sale find.   I painted it red and used chalkboard paint.
The before photo.  It was silver.  Too bright and didnt go with my decor.
Nothing fancy.  Just a simple, quick fix for a rummage sale find.   I painted it red and used chalkboard paint.

Nothing fancy.  Just a simple, quick fix for a rummage sale find.   I painted it red and used chalkboard paint.

Photo: www.addressingspaces.com

Paint.  Can't live without it!

Pattern or design used: My own design
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junkntrunk writes: I have heard that masonite works best...DIY, sounds like that was what was in yours already since you say it feels like pegboard. Anyhow, love the transformation...I will have to post mine soon...time, time, time! I found two HUGE frames at sales this weekend for $5! I mean, they are HUGE and the lady was getting ready to THROW them out into the trash! (It was the end of her sale..always good to wait..hee,hee!) Amazing!
@ Gretchen: where's your shop? Do you have a site/blog? Posted: 3:28 am on May 24th
Christina_S writes: Love the red and black together, a beautiful chalkboard creation!! Posted: 1:54 am on May 18th
SpacyTracy writes: I make a lot of chalkboards and I use masonite. I do not get the thinest one I usually get the next size up. It is a bit sturdier. I use 5-6 coats of chalkboard paint, sprayed on with a sprayer. If you use a brush it does not get smooth enough. I was using a sponge roller for a long time but since buying a sprayer that is all I use. It leaves a great smooth surface. You can use almost anything as a frame or cut out the masonite to any shape you want. Big alphabet letters are great for a kids room. Liquid chalk is really fun too. Posted: 1:21 am on May 17th
alicemom writes: Masonite (sp). It's the no holes peg board. I'm not sure how well the cardboard would hold up over the long haul?? I'm always washing my board to get it clean? Marybeth, I love the color of the frame with the blackboard contrast. Good job!!
Alice Posted: 10:39 pm on May 16th
crazymomluvsjunk writes: Mimitoria...I actually use the cardboard that's already in a picture frame. This Monday I bought an ugly old home interior picture from the 70's. It had a cardboard picture of sunflowers, but the frame was awesome. I just used chalkboard paint and painted it right over the picture and reattached it to the frame when done. I painted the frame white and distressed it and sealed it with Briwax. The wax takes the brightness of the white down. It is so cute and headed to my booth tomorrow. Posted: 6:25 pm on May 16th
suewhitney writes: Sometimes quick fixes are the best. Beautiful transformation!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 8:13 am on May 16th
junkermidge writes: Nice job on this redo. I love the new red color. And it's fancy, yet practical.
Midge Posted: 2:06 am on May 16th
plumberdaughter writes: I love this! I've been wanting to make something with chalkboard paint, this looks great. Posted: 10:23 pm on May 15th
DownHomeDIY writes: Gretchen,
It was in the frame. I am not sure what to call it but it feels just like what pegboard is made out, minus the holes of course. I assume a Home Improvement store would have it. Plywood is heavy and very pourus (sp?). I wonder if plexiglass would work. Never painted it myself but have seen it painted before. Both the pegboard like wood (lightweight) and plexiglass can be cut at the stores. Let me know what you try!
Good luck. Posted: 5:00 pm on May 15th
piecesofthepast writes: I recently bought a HUGE frame at a junk store for $22.00 and I used plywood. I really loaded on the blackboard paint and used a primer first. I think there are 5 coats of paint on there! I like the red paint you used...I'm still trying to decide what color to paint mine. The frame is REALLY old...I may just leave it what it is. Posted: 4:12 pm on May 15th
MimiToria writes: Nice redo.
What do you use for the background that you spray chalkboard paint on? I've heard of using plywood, but is there something easier than that. I have limited access to saws, but tons of frames I'd like to repurpose for our new French styled shop and have wanted to turn some of these into chalkboards with a French twist.
Thanks for any help.
Gretchen Posted: 9:17 am on May 15th
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