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suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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I am always excited to move planters outside when its Spring. It just makes me smile!
Okie, dokie, dominokie heres the schtuff. I have an industrial light cover, three vintage clamps, clothes line, pre-cut moss planting mat, a vintage door knob, a three inch spring, two one inch washers, Gorilla Glue Epoxy, and a good dose of imagination!
Heres something I am sure you are going to love, love,love! The epoxy from Gorilla Glue is a best friend. Its fast, its easy, and yes my friends...it works overtime free of charge! Follow the directions on the packaging and you are GOLDEN!!
Mix it in a disposable container until the mixture is uniform in color.
Apply to base of industrial light cover.
Pretty, pretty, pretty girl! Can you believe this was intended to catch nasties in a sink drain?!
Knock, knock! Whos there? Mr. Door Knob. Mr. Door Knob who? One looking for some glue. Let the hairy hands of Gorilla Glue epoxy help you.
You have three clips so measure and place at equal distances apart.
Clothes line, twine, rope, or anything you have lying about should be looped and knotted aroud the clips. Remember to leave enough length to hang from your place of honor.
Lets talk about details. A three inch spring and two, one inch washers to corale the clothes line is a spifferiffic way to go!
The mat may be pre-cut, but depending on your piece of junk you may need to improvise. Nothing is precalculated when it comes to junk.
Crusty softballs from a carnival and polished rocks embellish the plantings.
I am always excited to move planters outside when its Spring. It just makes me smile!

I am always excited to move planters outside when it's Spring. It just makes me smile!

This planter has its roots firmly planted in the industrial junkyard, but shows a softer side when planted with moss and some pretty outdoor plants.  Oh, I forgot...details, details, details! You know me, I have to add and subtract until it's just right.

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Comments (23)

Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
JunkArchitect writes: Happy Mother's Day, Sue...!

Love ya,

Posted: 6:39 am on May 10th
ECOGREENGIRL writes: This is a really great idea and decoration! LOVE IT! The rocks are a great touch!~tamara Posted: 9:23 pm on May 16th
JunkerKim writes: What? How the heck did you think of that? Genius! Posted: 4:19 pm on May 16th
eveh writes: I would love to run around barefoot in your head sometimes. There is just so much creative stuff going on up there. Once again, you teach me to look with a fresh eye at ordinalry things. You are my current hero. Posted: 5:26 pm on May 15th
MimiToria writes: Sue - Once again you've out done yourself. You never cease to amaze me with the creative repurposing ideas you come up with. Always so classy, with an element of Sue's playful personality dished out. You are a true joy to know and be a part of my life.
Can't wait to see you tomorrow at the shop and get my book signed at the French Flea. Love the rope, spring/washer idea, the door knob, etc. At the shop a gal just asked me what to use for this type of application, and now thanks to this post, I can refer her to this product. Does it work for glass applications too?
Take care-
http://www.mimitoriasdesigns.blogspot.com Posted: 8:33 am on May 15th
DownHomeDIY writes: Super funny and super creative! A classic combination.

Gotta love the "crusty softballs!" Posted: 10:49 pm on May 14th
writes: Sue,
This is one of my favorites so far. Just FABU!

And I love the comment about the clip - I actually call those leash clips but there's probably a better name for them...

JennyK Posted: 7:55 pm on May 14th
georgiamoon writes: Sue, no one, and I mean NO ONE can do this sort of thing as well as you. Every time I see one of your planters, floral arrangements or even just potted plants I am always surprised and delighted by the items you have used and the way they look when put together. You are the master....and this is another masterpiece, Georgia Posted: 5:56 pm on May 13th
CottageElements writes: Sue, love the extras you added to this. The doorknob was the perfect touch! I loved them when I saw them the first time, and love them even more know. And those softballs were soooo cool. Great addition!


PS I agree on them looking way better this way than a hat! Ha! Posted: 12:50 am on May 13th
OldBarnRescue writes: This is fabulous! One of my favorites so far! Posted: 11:01 pm on May 12th
monakent writes: Sue, thanks for the epoxy tip/response (and so fast.....). As soon as I write this, I am out the door to buy some (I think I need to get stock in the Gorilla Glue company at the rate I keep buying their product)! I wasn't sure what to do with the metal on metal thing. Thanks to you, I do now. gailmarie Posted: 1:43 pm on May 12th
suewhitney writes: Oh, Gailmaire...you are too sweet. Thank you so much! I recommend using epoxy when adhering metal to metal. I used to use other products, but this new one from Gorilla is very slick! It's easy, clean and comes out one container. It also dries very quickly for us junkers on the go! Kathy and Gailmarie... I'm glad you find the humor in the softballs. I'm telling you they are actually quite stunning! Who would have thunk it?!

Thanks again,
Sue Posted: 1:22 pm on May 12th
shabbychick writes: Sue - I love this so much more as a planter (than the hat...)...ha ha!!

Great instructions and pics - this planter has so many possibilities - can't wait to see it change with the seasons!


P.S. The softballs add just the right touch of the good ol' summertime! Posted: 1:13 pm on May 12th
monakent writes: Are you getting sick of all this praise??? WHAT - you're NOT? You want MORE????? Okay then, here goes!!!!

The project is OUTSTANDING! As your next-door-neighbor (Wisconsin),I fully understand the excitement of FINALLY getting to put plants outdoors. It's a high no one can explain if you don't live in this next of the woods.

Sue, this planter sure does grow on you! The more I look at it, the more I love, love, LOVE it!!! The overall look is fun and perky, yet artsy and daring. I adore the planter from bottom (drain stopper and door knob) to top (clothesline and spring). What's in between is pure candy to the eyes. The baseballs are a hoot and a half, the rocks not only look good, but the weight will help steady the planter on windy days. BOY, you have thought of everything!

I applaud you for your concept, the photos are a joy to look at, the verbage is a great help, and the overall look.... stunning.


(P.S. Do you recommend the epoxy instead of the glue for holding things together????) Posted: 12:15 pm on May 12th
junkermidge writes: Love, love, love that! Very cool! The combination of elements really makes it. And your instructions are very helpful. The clip/rope/spring method of hanging it is ingenius, I will definitely try to remember that for future projects. Thanks.
Posted: 8:58 am on May 12th
fellowjunker writes: This makes a beautiful planter Sue..........another wonderful re-purpose!!!
xojanis Posted: 12:08 am on May 12th
suewhitney writes: Good memory, Jim! When it's done for the season perhaps I could line it with a lovely textile, add come chin ties, some faux fur trim, and top it off with a yarn pom-pom.Snappy winter attire!

S. Posted: 11:02 pm on May 11th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: Aaaah...memories of Marburger! Too funny! How crafty you are to come up with this idea!! Clever, clever girl!

Amy Posted: 10:58 pm on May 11th
JunkArchitect writes: This is one of the coolest industrial planters I have seen. I remember you wearing the light cover on your head at Marburger.

Posted: 10:50 pm on May 11th
berton718 writes: Sue,
I LOVE It!! What a beautiful floral display!! Thanks for the good junking!! Posted: 8:33 pm on May 11th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: What a delightful planter, Sue! Love the fixture! Your instructions are superb as well.

Thumbs up on your Mother's Day plan tradition. Sounds like the perfect day!

Candy Posted: 7:59 pm on May 11th
alicemom writes: SUE SUE SUE!!!! Darling and great instructions to boot! I love it! I know it's all in the detail and you detailed
Fabulously. Thanks again & again for all your inspiring goodies!
Alice Posted: 7:40 pm on May 11th
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