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May 7th, 2009 in member junk     
Debbiejean Debbiejean, member
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I have these old school lockers and am wondering if anyone has any ideas of what to do with them. I am thinking of giving them back to the "junk". What do you think? Other then holding more junk does anyone have some uniques ideas of what else I could do with them?

Pattern or design used: My own design
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grabe writes: being a mom of boys, I would paint them up an awesome red and use them for sports equipment or just for their rooms, cool look to store videos in ect...If your decor is for you, they would work in the mudroom or kitchen painted a great tourquise and then hang old keys and attach mirrors on the outside.... Posted: 6:52 pm on May 11th
cburkeinga writes: How much would you like for them? Posted: 11:40 am on June 5th
slclay29 writes: Lockers are so great. I got 2 long side by side from an auction for 5 bucks. I had to sand off a little bit of rust, but then I painted them sky blue and added a tree and some grass, some flowers and bugs and put them in my children's play room. I added shelving inside and they now hold my children's toys. Never pass on lockers. The ones you have a are great! Posted: 11:44 am on May 28th
vjwestbrook writes: Depending on how shabby your kitchen is, you could paint them, add a few more shelves in them, then put them in your kitchen or close by as a pantry. I saw this in a magazine and it was a real neat idea! Posted: 11:24 am on May 13th
JunkArchitect writes: There are too many uses for old lockers to even list. If you do decide to toss them out I’ll take them. Are you near Connecticut?

Jim Posted: 11:18 pm on May 12th
junkermidge writes: I'm with the others. I think lockers are great and you're lucky to have them. I don't know if it makes any difference, but what you really have is 6 little lockers. They are easy to disassemble if you could use them some other way -- maybe even mounted on the wall horizontally, then you'd have the inside storage AND it would be a shelf. Just a thought.
Midge Posted: 11:29 pm on May 9th
Debbiejean writes: Ok, so I guess they are "keepers". I went out and bought a textured spray paint to give them a fresh new look. My husband built shelves inside them and I am going to put them in my sewing room to hold my material and sewing supplies. I do like the idea of drilling a hole in one and adding a little lamp inside one of the doors. If I don't like them when I am finished they can always go back in the garage. Thanks for the ideas, I will post a pic of what the finished project looks like. Posted: 4:38 pm on May 9th
georgiamoon writes: So far I agree with everybody...but check out page 40 of Sue's second book, "JUNK BEAUTIFUL, Room by Room Makeovers" She used some in the mud room, painted a crisp white, they look fantastic. How 'bout that for info at your fingertips? Georgia Posted: 2:38 pm on May 9th
pofolksdecorator1 writes: If those were mine, I would use them in my craft room to store all my supplies. I would paint (spray krylon) or even chalkboard paint on 2 of them. The other one I would leave the door cracked open, put some yellow rubber boots with fake plants in them, some old books with a belt looped around them like in the old days. An apple on the books. Drill a hole into the bottom of the back. put a tiny lamp on the shelf that lights up and then put it in a corner of your favorite room. Or just send them to me. haha. Annie Posted: 11:15 am on May 9th
jillruth writes: OK I would love them as is for storage of junk BUT if you don't--what about taking off the doors and making message centers out of them? Paint them if needed, add an image or two then make some great "old school" magnets to use on the new door/message center. Magnets could be made from old magazines, office supplies, or even oddities like cracker jack toys. The remaining open shelving you have may be even better for storage because it's open and you can see what you have. Add more shelves in each unit and more hooks to make it more function. Posted: 10:05 am on May 9th
oldtoysrock903 writes: i am "new" to this site, i was lucky enough to somehow stumble upon it one day... i have spent many hours looking at the great creations. my first thought was, "my scrapbooking stuff would fit in those lockers!!!" can't wait to see what you decide on! Posted: 3:48 pm on May 8th
seawitch writes: i have a bed room for my grand son,with no closet. i found the same lockers,& used them for a closet & they worked out just fine Posted: 8:07 am on May 8th
Christina_S writes: I also would love a set of these! I was thinking about lockers as a solution for my giant DVD collection (over 800, I may have a problem ;). I haven't been lucky enough to find a set for a reasonable price here. My plan though was to take them to an autobody shop and get them painted a cool color, but you can do that yourself too if you want to save a bit of $. Posted: 2:57 am on May 8th
alicemom writes: I just love those! The mudroom is the perfect place. If no mudroom.......what about the garage?
Alice Posted: 11:32 pm on May 7th
texasjunkermom writes: I agree with the others, you are lucky to have these. Don't think about how big they are, be GLAD they are so big and can store so much stuff. I like the idea too of everyone having a place to store their 'stuff', and yes, it takes space. Even the garage would be a great place to stash them, and even there, paint them a cool color and decorate for eash person using one. Posted: 11:25 pm on May 7th
monakent writes: I've seen school lockers in a book recently, but can't remember the title. They had them done up for a mudroom, which I thought was an awesome idea. If that doesn't work for you, you could use in the garage/basement for your planting stuff; or maybe your art or junk supplies. Sure wish I had your dilemma!!! I saw some lockers at an antique mall recently, for over $300 - a steep price for someone that recently lost her job due to downsizing... I may suggest going to your library and searching through some flea market/home decorating books. You may find some ideas that would work for you. Please take pictures of what the lockers end up "home" to. We'd all like to see your final decision, I'm sure. Have fun planning!!! gailmarie, bfa Posted: 11:23 pm on May 7th
MimiToria writes: Love these, and I too would love to have these. A mudroom/entry way would be awesome with these. Four for me, one for hubby and one for daughter. lol I bet you can tell who the junker is in the family.
Gretchen Posted: 11:10 pm on May 7th
piecesofthepast writes: I've always wanted to have lockers like this....you are so lucky!! I agree with leesee--these would be awesome in a mud room ,but with a cool paint job these could also be kinda cool in a kitchen, even. You'd have to have room for them, but they would make a great industrial look! Posted: 9:54 pm on May 7th
leesee64 writes: What a great mudroom piece! Each member of the family can have his/her own locker for their daily school and work stuff. Decorate the inside of each one to reflect each personality. Lucky you...I think they are awesome! Posted: 9:27 pm on May 7th
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