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December 28th, 2009 in projects     
MimiToria Gretchen Schaumann, contributor
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This is one of my favorite display pieces.  It is a rusty/chippy white painted bathtub lions claw foot Ive chosen to use to hi-lite one of my vintage redesign necklaces on.
Notice the wonderful aqua chippy paint peeking out on this rusty claw foot from a vintage bathtub.  The color choice of the vintage redesign jewelry is key to making the overall flow of the display item look well.
Vintage suitcses are used to add elevation to my display area.
A broken piece of tile I purchased and fell in love with that is now used for some cameo colored jewelry.  Trash to others can be a treasure to Junkers.
An empty vintage frame was rescued by me a long time ago and sat empty in my storage area.  Yesterday, I decided to turn it into a project and make it into a jewelry display.  I cut out foam core to size, used spray adhesive to glue on burlap, nailed it in the back and added craft brown paper on back to finish it off.  I used teardrop ivory pearl long pins to display the vintage redesign necklaces onto the front of the display board.
I was loaned these two modern silver contemporary display pieces which will work great for displaying my button necklaces for sale, but they are very modern.  My solution was to give them burlap slip covers and hide most of the former mod look.  They work now and are very functional.
A wonderful frame was found without a mirror or glass in it and again had been stashed in my storage room waiting for a future life.  Ive given it one now with the same process as the previous frame with the exception that this one had an ugly unuseable finish, so thus a platnium spray paint was used on the frame to give it a fresh new look.  New life as an earring display.
My earring tags are also of vintage theme.  I have used a vintage book to make earring cards to showcase my earrings.  An example of the results is in this photo.
This is the left side of my jewelry area.  The French doors were connected to the floor and wall on either sides of my table to form a niche and than a screen door was put across the top of them to further define the space.
A vintage chippy shutter was hung on the left side French door and I made it into another vintage redesign jewelry display area for extra long necklaces.  If you want to know more you can see more details about this shutter on my blog at:
This is the middle photo of my area.  Lani has a very cool wicker vintage baby cradle for sale at the shop and theyve showcased it on top of the screen door over my jewelry space.
This final photo shows the area to the right where the table forms an L shape.  There is another suitcase for display and another French door on this side.
This is one of my favorite display pieces.  It is a rusty/chippy white painted bathtub lions claw foot Ive chosen to use to hi-lite one of my vintage redesign necklaces on.

This is one of my favorite display pieces.  It is a rusty/chippy white painted bathtub lions claw foot I've chosen to use to hi-lite one of my vintage redesign necklaces on.

I thought I would share with you all a few of my Mimi-Toria's Jewelry displays I've created and am using for selling at a new occasional store style setting. You may see these displays in person at this location, which Sue posted about on April 29th.  These displays will be kept as a permanent display area for my jewelry at this shop, so that is awesome for me.

I have always liked unqiue things in my world.  I like the mirrors with patina that my family can't see themselves in.  lol  I've loved chippy painted furniture that my family thinks makes us look like poor people.  I've loved time worn suitcases and have a stack I use in my livingroom as a storage area for my jewelry business, and my fil always says to me, "are you going on a trip?"    Well, I've come to the conclusion lately that some people get it and some don't, some aren't interested in getting it and yet some neve will get it.  Therefore, for those of you Junkers that get it, enjoy.

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Comments (16)

RetroRose writes: Fun Fun Fun Displays. I love the oval frame with the earrings on old printed card stock. I may just have to use the ideas in my new store
Your jewelry is fabu!
Rhonda Scott Posted: 10:44 pm on January 11th
georgiamoon writes: Although there were so many of Gretchen's fabulous jewelry designs to choose from I decided that I would focus on one of her other talents. Since none of us could ever replicate the artistry that is involved in her designs, I wanted to remind everyone how Gretchen showed us how to take "Junk" and make beautiful displays. In this post she has used every-day items in new and interesting ways. She mixes texture and styles so that her jewelry becomes the star of the show. This really can be done by most of us and thanks to her many great ideas we can easily put these readily available items to great use. Thanks again Gretchen, Georgia Posted: 7:06 pm on December 18th
SantaClaus writes: You "GOT IT" - too bad for the ones that don't! That leaves more junk for us who got it---have it, want it! Posted: 8:42 am on August 29th
byabpryor writes: Absolutely beautiful.. I have vintage pieces that I am always trying to place together... I'd say you have masted the concept. Just lovely!!!!!

Ang Posted: 12:15 pm on June 23rd
RubbishGirl writes: Love your display ideas.Yes,some people get it and some don't.I've given up on those that don't.It sounds like you are from my area so I hope to see some your your jewelry in person.Keep up with the great ideas! Posted: 10:58 am on June 20th
junkermidge writes: Love how you creatively displayed your beautiful jewelry pieces. I especially like the bathtub feet. I always learn so much from your posts. Thanks!
Midge Posted: 12:15 am on May 10th
AuntieQ18 writes: Awesome and thanks for the ideas! I have two frames that will be redone tomorrow. I bet you can figure out a way to utilize the screen door above with some "clouds" (pillow stuffing or quilting fill). Hide the wire in the clouds and hang some necklaces that would fit the mood=stars, moons, etc. Or it could just rain with chains!
Love, love, love your stuff,
Michele Posted: 8:59 pm on May 8th
shabbychick writes: Gretchen! You've put it all together so perfectly (with a splash of "junk" with your beautiful "bling')! I love the claw foot...rusty patina and all...who would have thought it'd go so well with your beautiful jewelry (us junkers, right??) - cuz we get it!

Very creative display, and I also love how you "slipcovered" the modern display piece with burlap!

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 9:09 am on May 7th
CottageElements writes: Gretchen, your displays are even better in person. You really have the knack! And of course the jewelry is superb! Btw, if you ever want to part with the bathtub feet, my name's on them. They are so cool!

Lani Posted: 6:17 pm on May 6th
georgiamoon writes: Hey girlfriend, you have done a marvelous job here. I really like the way you are showcasing all that fine jewelry on what many would say is just junk. These are great junk items that look terrific alongside the BLING!!! Oh yeah Gretchen I do have some of the green crystals that I would be glad to sell you. I will send info on the sizes I have left. Ok? Love, Georgia Posted: 10:49 am on May 6th
roadtriplouise writes: Love your displays. The claw foot is awesome. I have some stacked suit cases, and just bought another cool one at an auction right across my street for $1.oo. And yes only junkers understand how we decorate. My family just shakes their head, then knows that how it going to be.
Ann Posted: 11:13 pm on May 5th
alicemom writes: Gretchen,
It looks so great. I love all the display stuff. The jewelry is the icing on the cake. Very special.
Alice Posted: 10:43 pm on May 5th
fellowjunker writes: I absolutely love your creative use of found objects in your displays Gretchen. Your jewelry is one-of-a-kind gorgeous, and you have used sophisticated ways to display it!!
xojanis Posted: 8:58 pm on May 5th
writes: Very cool Gretchen! Really creative use of junk showing off all your beautiful jewelry. I bet you can guess which one is my favorite (can you say rusty foot??).

Very nice stuff my friend.


Posted: 5:01 pm on May 5th
texasjunkermom writes: Sorry about the spelling errors in the last post; just in a hurry! T. Posted: 4:52 pm on May 5th
texasjunkermom writes: I get it!! All these are great ways to display your pretty jewelry and very innovative. Love the total look or your selling areat. The screen door on top is cute and the antique cradle shows it off well. Posted: 4:51 pm on May 5th
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