Galvanized Flower Garden

August 5th, 2018 in member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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Its 5-feet wide and 2-feet high

Yes, I drilled holes in the bottom

Remember, don’t make fun

I wonder if this thing will start attracting turkeys
Three months later.
Photo: Jim Healy JunkArchitect (Copyright 2009)

Salvaged galvanized Turkey Feeders, plywood and some rusty metal straps combine to create a two-tiered Flower Box. If you’re not feeding turkeys with these things what else are they good for? Well I guess you could feed some other farm bird but I don’t live on a farm.

The legs are cut from ½” plywood, painted and then secured to the sides of the Feeders with screws. Rusty metal straps are bent into shape and attached to function as brackets.

Don’t make fun of me because I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to picking out flowers. I’m not even sure of the names of the flowers I just bought…I went for color. The reason the flowers are so little is because I planted them an hour before I shot the photos. Maybe I should have waited a couple of weeks for things to grow…too late.


Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy JunkArchitect (Copyright 2009)

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Comments (22)

langi writes: Could you post an update on those flowers.
Jim Jim Jim
show us your flowers..
Ahem!!! Posted: 12:11 pm on August 1st
TrashyChick writes: I have some chicken feeders and now I know what to do with them. I love the planter...thank you Mr. Jim. Posted: 8:48 pm on July 19th
eveh writes: I think that is so perfect. I have some small feeders like that but here on the Coast, we just don't see too many of these large ones. You can bet, this pic will go into my favs until I can find some. So pretty! Posted: 1:50 pm on July 7th
RobJ98167 writes: Very cool this jim. I wouldn't even know where to find old turkey feeders (around old turkeys I guess) Nice flower picks too Posted: 6:07 pm on May 16th
plumberdaughter writes: I love this! I love to make metal junk into planters. By the end of the summer this will look great! Posted: 10:18 pm on May 15th
fellowjunker writes: Gosh Jim..........another great project!!! This makes an adorable planter!!
xojanis Posted: 1:05 pm on April 29th
OldBarnRescue writes: Definitely love these! Posted: 10:37 am on April 29th
MimiToria writes: Nice job Jim. The combination of the two turkey feeders provides great visual appeal. Your flowers being colorful also adds to the overall look of things. Great vision you had for these pieces. I just saw a turkey feeder last week at someones house, and had never seen one before. No wait, it was a fox feeder. Strange!
Your annual flowers should do fine. They are hardy ones, and marigolds (yellow ones) have the added bonus of keeping dogs away. Smart move. Posted: 10:54 am on April 28th
shabbychick writes: Jim - what a great planter - and metal goes good with any color, and that green is perfect!! I love how you put the two feeders together in the same project too! Those flowers look right at home...

Thanks for sharing! Kathy

P.S. Do you have a watering can??? :) Posted: 10:40 am on April 28th
catbishop writes: It's great. I'm trying to come up with something to make fun of since you asked us not to...:) Not enough caffeine yet to be humorous.

I think it needs a large "All" Bucket turkey standing next to it. Posted: 9:18 am on April 28th
alicemom writes: Jim,
I love it all. The legs are great. I had no idea turkeys had such great feeders! The posies are wonderful. Maybe in your next life...........a Gardner! :-)
alice Posted: 10:15 pm on April 27th
JunkMama1 writes: Fantastic! Love the green you've chosen..and not to worry, it appears your a good flower picker to me! Posted: 6:12 pm on April 27th
SnowmanHill writes: I love this project. I love anything to do with tin and am really fond of feeders, I have many in my stash. I guess I need to get creative. Great job!!! Posted: 4:21 pm on April 27th
writes: You get *****5***** stars on this one Jim. What a great project. And your choices of colors & flowers are just perfect. It looks so nice. Geo is right - once those little guys start growing they will just bounce off the green. Way to go.

JennyK Posted: 3:53 pm on April 27th
CottageElements writes: Jim, you did a fab job on the planter and the flowers. And I always pick my flowers according to color. It's what us decorating type do, don't cha know!? Now I just wish it was warm enough here to plant flowers! Argh! Awesome (as always), Jim!

Lani Posted: 1:49 pm on April 27th
georgiamoon writes: Jim, you know what I like about this project, besides the fact that it is amazing as usual, is that you put both of them together. Most people would just hang each one under a window...which would be cool too...but this makes a bigger impact, and when those darling little flowers get going (growing) it is going to really be striking. What a great spring addition to your yard, and knowing you as we do, you'll probably be able to make this look fantastic during the other seasons as well! See, none of made fun of far..we haven't heard from SUE!!! Really nice job, Geo Posted: 12:46 pm on April 27th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Very cool Jim. I think the flower choices are just fine. They are pretty AND hardy!
Candy Posted: 12:02 pm on April 27th
texasjunkermom writes: Jim, you did such a nice job of transforming junk to something beautiful. The flower colors are great, and I'll try my best to out-bid Marie and gailmarie for this cheerful planter! Your work is always so inspiring. T. Posted: 11:28 am on April 27th
greencolleen writes: omg this is tooo cool! and the flowers are looking good for just being planted. like the design of the legs. so where the heck do you get turkey feeders??? we have wild turkey here ranches but no farms. and jim i thought you were the lamp god. way to go :) Posted: 11:27 am on April 27th
greencolleen writes: omg this is tooo cool! and the flowers are looking good for just being planted. like the design of the legs. so where the heck do you get turkey feeders??? we have wild turkey here ranches but no farms. and jim i thought you were the lamp god. way to go :) Posted: 11:25 am on April 27th
monakent writes: Thanks for brightening my morning (with your project, pictures and fun comments). The colors work well together (but you knew that already, you picked them out!). The planter is GREAT - who would have thought turkey feeders would make such a cool planter (actually, I never knew there was such a thing as a "turkey feeder")? You always have such fun and interesting projects. It's too bad Marie/oldnews beat me to claiming your new masterpiece, as I would have loved this in my yard. Guess I'll have to look around for my own turkey feeders!!! Love you work Jim. gailmarie, bfa Posted: 10:35 am on April 27th
oldnews writes: Oh wow, I have the perfect place for this - MY yard! I LOVE it! Marie Posted: 9:56 am on April 27th
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