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December 31st, 2009 in projects     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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Cloches are a great way to showcase collections.  Here I have a collection of vintage clocks.  The cloche on the left is actually the globe from a vintage hanging light fixture.
I love scales, I love cloches.  Its only natural to put them together!
Simply yet impactful, this set of three cloches sit on top of rusty upside down colanders showcasing a plant. 
Here I just took a small vase and showcased a flower.  The door knob vase idea I took from Sue.
Now you cant get much simpler than this.  Its just a wine stem placed  upside down. 
If you group them together you can make an even bigger statement.  Here I have them displayed for Christmas.
This is a fun display!  Soap stacked with a vintage hair tool!
Cloches are a great way to showcase collections.  Here I have a collection of vintage clocks.  The cloche on the left is actually the globe from a vintage hanging light fixture.

Cloches are a great way to showcase collections.  Here I have a collection of vintage clocks.  The cloche on the left is actually the globe from a vintage hanging light fixture.

After seeing Sue's Top Ten picks from Round Top, I decided to showcase one of mine.  Cloches are definitely one of my favorite pieces in decorating.  They are a great way to display your unique items.  Vintage ones may be hard to come by (and pricey), but not impossible.  I have a few vintage, and then I also improvise with other glass pieces.  New ones can be found quite easily.  Here are a few examples of ways I use them. 

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CottageElements writes: Lisa, I actually purchased the one that is from a light fixture at a garage sale! Great find. All I did was use the globe part of it and placed it over the vintage clock. Easy peazy lemon squeezy!

Lani Posted: 1:26 pm on February 5th
Trash2Treasure2 writes: I have been looking for a light fixture and I absolutely LOVE the one pictured above the 3 cloches. I would love to know how to make that!!! (Or where to purchase) -Lisa Posted: 9:54 am on February 5th
ShabbyJen writes: I love all of your cloches and displays. But my favorite of your shown pictures is the Christmas one. I love how you displayed your cloches in that picture and I think the cloche with the Christmas Balls in it is super cute! Thanks for sharing! Posted: 4:37 am on November 7th
tomyzgurl6 writes: I would love to know about the candle holder above the three cloches on the rusty colander photo Posted: 1:28 pm on April 8th
RoseGardenRomantic writes: I love cloches! I only have one, but I want more! Posted: 9:40 am on March 3rd
pamphyila writes: Love the ideas of cloches made from glasses and lighting fixtures! I have an antique statuette that needs a cloche & now I know where to look for it. Posted: 5:02 pm on January 26th
lisadbass writes: Love this...cloches are so pretty, and a great way to add "that something" to any collection! Posted: 5:02 pm on January 18th
54girl writes: I didn't get to see this the frist time so I was glad it was posted again. Love all the cloches! I love the one in the bathroom!!! mary Posted: 3:29 pm on January 4th
RustyDiva writes: I too love all that you do Lani. My fav is the soap stack with vintage hair tool! Great collection!!!

Kenda Posted: 10:48 am on January 4th
Cocalotta writes:
I thoroughly enjoyed your CLOCHE displays. So simple and
elegant! I liked the rusty colander base and also the
door knob as a vase...such clever ideas. I sure never would
have thought of using a wine glass...beautiful. Thanks
for sharing all your beautiful artwork. Posted: 7:40 pm on December 31st
BraytonHomestead writes: simple chic- I love to play aroung with different ways to use cloches too. What a novel idea right in front of our noses but you thought of it-cool..

Karen Posted: 9:41 pm on September 28th
illiniCowgirl writes: I love everything - especially the soap and scissors! What a cute idea for a bathroom! Posted: 12:07 pm on July 30th
CottageElements writes: Thanks, all my Junkmarketeers, for your all kind comments. I love being part of this group. We are always there to support and encourage when another. And there are so many creative people in this bunch. I am in honor and in awe at being apart of it! Thanks again!

Lani Posted: 1:56 pm on April 22nd
alicemom writes: Wow Lani,
I love lovelovelovelove all. You did an outstanding job. Your way of decorating inspires me.
Smiles, Alice Posted: 10:05 pm on April 20th
JunkArchitect writes: WOW Lani, your photos and creations are beautiful…as always.

Jim Posted: 10:34 am on April 19th
StrangeCargo writes: Lanette, as you know, their is something about glass cloches & pedastals which add sophistication, importance, yet simplicity to what is ever elevated and on display. Your concepts are beautiful & inspiring. Thanks.

Ken Posted: 6:36 am on April 18th
MimiToria writes: Hey Lani- good to see you today! I'm so glad you told me about this post, as it is awesome. Love it all! You do such a great job with displaying your unique collections and I'm always intrigued with your style. Can't wait to see what you bring to sell in the new shop we're going to be in together.
Gretchen Posted: 10:00 pm on April 17th
lotsofbottles writes: These are very cute. When I was little my mom used to make candle holders by taking large stemmed water glasses turning them upside down and putting the same little bottle brush trees you used and putting a bit of styrofoam on the bottom sometimes with a little figure also inside and then a candle on top and a little ribbon tied on it. These are very nice ideas. Posted: 5:41 pm on April 17th
fellowjunker writes: Your pictures are gorgeous Lani!!! Cloches are one of my favorite things as have done such a beautiful job with displaying all yours. Your house looks so nice and springy!! Thanks for all the inspiring cloche ideas.
xojanis Posted: 10:44 pm on April 15th
SweetMelissa writes: Nicely done, Lani! Love them all! When Cassie had mentioned turning a wine glass upside down to make a cloche on the Junk-Fest blog, I thought it sounded like a grand idea. So glad you had a pic of I'm convinced it's a "must-do"!! Posted: 9:12 pm on April 15th
georgiamoon writes: Lani, you've done it again. These photos are really good and the ideas are even better. What a great collection you have going. I love the way you have shown off simple but beautiful items in such an elegant way. Very cool girlfriend, Georgia Posted: 6:58 pm on April 15th
writes: Lani,
This is one of your best posts yet! Such great ideas and so well photographed. I love cloches too and often have as much fun figuring out what the base will be as what I put under the cloche to display.

Very well done my friend!

JennyK Posted: 1:19 pm on April 15th
suewhitney writes: Love this post, Lani! The art of display is a key element to good home decor. Clean and uncluttered...perfecto!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 12:51 pm on April 15th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Great post! I loved how you provided ideas using various objects for your cloches...the former hanging lighting fixture, the wine glass, etc. Love that. Beautiful, beautiful style, Lani!!
Candy Posted: 10:52 am on April 15th
shabbychick writes: Lani - I love it - every little bit of it!!! Cloches are on my list too. (need to get busy with that list...) Great displays - perfect mix of glass, white, rust and "stuff"! The hair tool thingie is cool - fun! Very classy "glassy" look!!

Kathy Posted: 10:21 am on April 15th
magark writes: Very cool ! I just love all the items you used to make your cloches too....especially the rusty colander bases. Also the doorknob sets off the floral just perfect. Jan Posted: 9:50 am on April 15th
grannijo writes: What a beautiful display!...sooo pretty!..and fresh looking...thanks for sharing!...sharon
Posted: 8:08 am on April 15th
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